New Projects!

New Projects!

I met Thanh on the first day I arrived in Hoi An.

Thanh and her husband own a shoe store, where they make custom shoes.

We ended up ordering 4 pairs from them. I have never had custom shoes made before so it was very exciting. We also come from a family of wide feet! I have to say that the shoes fit great, no breaking in needed!

After this we'd run into Thanh once a week. She is super nice and friendly. She'd ask us to buy more shoes but we didn't really need any more shoes and there's only so many pairs of shoes we can wear. However I know that Thanh and her family were having a difficult time, as many are after 2 years of lockdown and unlike clothes most will only get one pair for a special occasion.

So I suggested maybe we can do something different. I asked her to make some masks for me. I admit I caused her husband a couple nights of headaches as this is not what they usually do.

The first one is the white one, I planned to use for an Amaterasu cosplay. We still have to add the symbol but OMG!! The result was gorgeous!

Amaterasu Mask

Next I wanted a Sylveon mask as I was working on a cosplay. This one was more challenging, due to style but also finding the colour. I have to say the results are stunning!

The quality of these are amazing. With the right care they will last forever, memories for life ❤️

I hoping to make a bulk order for 10 each, this will help me get a better price, but also it will really help out Thanh and her family.

The price will run around $125-150USD, including shipping.

If you are interested please leave a note at the bottom and please pass this post to anyone who may be interested.


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